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Do you have a investment that requires Private Placement Investors? If you do, you realize the importance of obtaining private placement leads. Private placement businesses that are successful have an ability to obtain private placement leads and at Infofox we are specialists in this space. However, it is not an easy task to get these leads. Our database is continuously surveyed to keep the most up to date information about the 100’s of thousands contacts in our database. If you project is new, which most are, you will need highly qualified investors from day one. We will send you leads that your closers can focus on and shorten the amount of time they spend prospecting and spend more time closing.

Raising funds for any company is highly competitive in today’s private capital market. One of the keys to success is that your company will need to offer a campaign that will attract qualified investors. You will require a strong private placement in order to convince them to be part of the capital that you need to raise. The first thing that you will need to do is to construct a well drafted subscription agreement.

This well drafted subscription agreement will be a critical part of your private placement memorandum. It should describe the type of offering that you are requiring. This may be an offering to sell equity or to raise debt. Your private placement memorandum needs to also include how many shares are going to be offered as well as the conditions the investors need to abide in in order to be part of this private placement.

These agreements are not normally regulated by the USE Securities and Exchange Commission. However, this does not free you from your obligation to provide the investors with any pertinent data and information. Obviously, any misleading or false information or data could result in fines and penalties. Another important part of the agreement is that it should not exclude or admit data or information that could make the private placement agreement misleading.

Basically a private placement subscription agreement will describe the total amount of shares that are being sold to an investor. It will have a guideline that stipulates the terms and conditions of the loan as well as any price that is being proposed by the share offering. Simply put, to help generate private placement leads a subscription agreement needs to be provided with minimum investment amounts, proper information, and total representation of the amount of shares.

There are Pacific requirements from the SEC that show how the treatment of escrow amounts should be maintained in any private placement offering. This is especially true for private placement offerings where a “best effort” or a “all or none” scenario is in effect. If this type of subscription agreement is offered it needs to stipulate how the money will be returned to the investors if there is a specified timeframe or dollar amount for the number of securities that are left unsold.

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