Accredited Investor Leads

It is a common known fact that property is a valuable asset, and purchasing property is considered a highly favored investment.  However, in today’s incredibly competitive society, it can be rather challenging to find reliable Investors that offer maximum returns on your project.  Furthermore, finding valid and trustworthy Accredited investor leads can be overwhelming; however, this is essential as these accredited investor leads are the raw material for any promising company to survive.  Below are some of the traditional way to find leads:

1. Attending meetings
2. Business cards
3. Obituary ads
4. Putting up signs
5. Public records

Of Course cold calling a stale or un-targeted lists will eventually yield some results but at what cost. At Infofox we take the guess work out of the process and use a proven system to provide our clients with solid performing leads. How do we know this, because our customers tell us and keep coming back for more. Finding Accredited Investors requires more than just identifying if they have the net worth to fit the category, it requires in in-depth profile of the prospect and their investing behaviors. During our qualification process we continuously survey our database making sure if we provide our client with a lead in Oil & Gas that our prospects have either invested in this type of project in the past or have stated they are open to looking at this particular investment vehicle.

Handing a qualified Accredited investor lead to your team removes the guess work and allows your sales teams to focus on closing the deal. This lowers the cost of your project because you don;t have to pay for the time your top sellers would be using up to qualify potential investors and they can get to the business of closing deals, where the money is at for them. Lets face it, the best closer are terrible cold callers, why even put them in that position. Give us a call or fill out the form on this page to take us for a test drive and get 50 leads free on your first engagement with us. We are confident that once you use our service you will come back for more.



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