Oil And Gas Leads

Where can an investor find opportunities in oil and gas leads? The Internet has many websites that offer generic oil and gas leads. Most of these sites are rumor based and lack verifiable information. At Infofox we take the guess work out of finding our clients leads that convert.

Are you looking for leads for your Oil & Gas project? Infofox has leads in this field not through word of mouth but from our database of thousands of qualified investors. We survey our database continuously and categorize what each of our prospects investment interests are or have been in the past. You can bet if you receive a Oil & Gas Lead from us our prospects have either invested in this market in the past or they have expressed an interest during our survey process.

Have your own list? Let us call down on your list and provide you with the top prospects for your project. Our 6 Degrees Outsourced CRM program is also available to our clients. 6 Degrees allows you to control the message and monitor our contact center agents as they call on your behalf. Once the call campaign is over you should be left with a list large enough for your closers to target. 6 Degrees is internet based and functions as an outsourced CRM software tool so your sale department can see the qualified leads as they are called.

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