Lead Generation

leads signLead generation refers to a practice whereby companies solicit inquiries from “potential” customers. Today, many businesses use their websites as an option for lead generation purposes. Marketing experts will recommend that online businesses should utilize up to 10 different types of methods relating to lead generation in order to promote a flow in sales and marketing.

Lead generation is typically the first part of a sales process and quantity and quality are two important factors. Quality types of leads are considered to be the kind that a salesperson will be able to work with and close the deal. Nearly all leads will consist of a large number of what is known as “junk” leads. These are individuals who do not qualify to purchase the products.

Decreasing the percentage associated to bad leads will reduce the amount of time sales people waste in association to processing their lists. Quantity is an important factor in generating leads. A salesperson who manages to obtain 100 “good” leads may be able to obtain around 10 appointments. Out of these appointments the sales person may be able to close around 4 sales. Therefore, in order to close around 40 sales in a month the salesperson would need to be working with about 1000 “good” leads.

Methods relating to lead generation will involve trade offs between quantity and quality. Companies that advertise a form where potential customers are able to fill in a form in order to request more information or a call back is a great way to generate high quality leads. Lead lists based on newsletter subscriptions lists from other companies may be able to generate large amounts of leads.

Various marketing agencies will offer services relating to lead generation for companies who may not have the time or inclination to develop their own system. These types of agencies will have networks of websites and companies that they utilize in order to promote their clients business. When visitors express interest in the client’s business, the agency will then pass on these leads to their clients. Nearly all agencies will allow their clients to specify what types of leads they would prefer. An example of lead types might relate to geographic regions.

Search engines on the Internet are another option in providing lead generation. Any company that has a website will appear on the listings of search engines. Users who are searching for the types of services or products in relation to the business will be able to click on links that are displayed which will direct them to the company’s website.

PPC (pay per click) is another option used by the search engines for lead generation. The specific search engine will post a link that will direct to the business websites that will appear in top results displayed in a search. This can result in prospective customers who have chosen to visit the company’s web site. Companies who use PPC advertising should expect to pay a high fee for these types of advertising campaigns.

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