Lead Generation Companies

Lead generation companies make use of the latest tools of the trade to help businesses increase their online presence with the goal of generating leads with sales potential. Lead generation marketing is the process of capturing interest in a product or service by making it stand out from competitors and thereby develop a sales pipeline or funnel.  Multiple tools such as SEO, direct mail, social media management and Paid Search are all used to generate leads from prospective buyers searching for particular products or services.

The Transformation of Marketing

The buying process has changed forever and marketers are constantly looking for new ways to be seen and heard other than email blasting and mass advertising.  Instead of finding customers, online marketers focus on using lead generation marketing to allow potential buyers to find them and building ongoing relationships with those buyers.  A plethora of readily available online information has given rise to “self-directed” buyers and new avenues have emerged to pre-qualify leads before forwarding them to sales.

Because self-directed buyers do their own research online by making use of search engines, social media and other channels where they learn a lot about a product or service without having to speak to a salesperson, businesses have to ensure that they have built a digital presence that is interesting and compelling.  Before reaching a vendor, buyers are often up to 90% through the buying journey and a solid lead generation strategy that builds trust and captures the attention of prospective buyers is critical to the sales process.  Why use the energies of a sales team and resources for cold calling when the use a lead generation process  is much smoother and will provide more converted leads to transform quickly and easily into revenue.

According to a survey conducted by the IDG, online marketing, an excellent company website, trade shows and conferences are the most effective tactics used for lead generation, and the least effective tactics are direct mail and printed advertising.

How Lead Generation Leads to Success

Lead Generation Companies can help increase the effectiveness of all business functions by increasing the generation of qualified leads and improving marketing and sales alignment by using lead generation software.  By accessing top lead generation resources and tools the quality and number of leads converted to sales can be greatly increased.

Lead Generation Services include the following:

Lead Generation

A reliable lead generation company makes use of a range of methods to help find the best contacts for a particular business or service with a choice of what works best.  Methods can be mixed and matched and include SEO, social media, paid search, direct mail, telemarketing and email marketing.


The best lead generation companies demonstrate results by effective reporting that makes it easy to see the type and number of leads generated in a particular time frame.


In addition to helping with making a first contact, a lead generation company will further assist by rating or scoring leads based on the likelihood that they will buy, as well as useful follow-up tools to help convert those leads into sales by phone contact or sending targeted emails for example.

Help and Support

A lead generation service includes great customer service to provide answers to questions regarding the lead generation process and anything else of concern. By employing the services of a quality lead generation company, valuable time spent on procuring leads can be spent on following up and concluding sales.


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