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Lead generation is the practice of creating consumer interest about products or services of a business. The traditional method of obtaining leads occurred mostly via trade shows. A visitor will visit the company booth at the trade show and take part in draw by filling a form with their contact details. The company will offer the visitor a free gift in return. The company will call back this visitor after some time and persuade him or her to buy a product or service from the company. This was the basic lead generation process in the good old days.

With the advancement of the internet, most companies have turned to their website as an effective method of obtaining leads. Many sales experts recommend that a company should employ at least ten methods of obtaining leads, in order to keep their sales pipeline full. Obtaining quality leads is the first step in any successful sales process. Both quality and quantity are extremely important when it comes to obtaining sales leads.

A quality lead will provide the sales person a good chance of closing the sale at the earliest point of time. You need to remember that every lead list will have useless or junk leads. These leads are not qualified to buy the product or service offered by the company for whatever reason. The smaller the junk leads on a lead list, the easier it will be for the sales person. When it comes to sales leads, quantity is important just like the quality of the lead. No sales person can close a sale 100% of the time even if he or she has a list of 100% quality leads. In average, a sales person with 100 quality leads may be able to meet 15 customers and close about 4-5 sales in the process. This is why the quantity of leads is so important.

The majority of businesses around the world employ different methods to obtain quality leads. No business will be able to earn profits without a proper technique devised to obtain quality leads. Any business, whether online or offline will benefit from an effective lead getting technique. It can be considered the lifeline of a business. Businesses will start to regret later on if they don’t devise an effective plan to obtain leads for the growth and expansion of the business. It is that important in order to generate higher sales volumes and profits in the long run.

There are many marketing agencies that are especially geared to offer lead generation services to businesses that don’t have the time or interest in developing their own lead obtaining system. These agencies offer highly targeted leads for specific niches on request. They have spent quite a lot of time and money in obtaining these highly qualified leads by employing various marketing techniques. You will get the best leads for your business by approaching such an agency. At Infofox we have been curating high quality investor lists for over 10 years. Give us a try. Fill out the form to the right to receive your first 50 leads for free.


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