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Finding accredited investors without having to spend years building a referral network to create a pool of potential investors is easy if you know how.  When trying to raise money quickly, you need a list of accredited investors to help you streamline your focus and target the most promising prospects.  Start by purchasing an accredited investor lead list, which is a highly specialized list that has taken years to formulate and is updated regularly to keep it accurate.  For example, when the SEC changed the way an accredited investor is defined by removing the investor’s primary residence from the equation for net worth, it effectively disqualified many investors and old lists are no longer accurate, especially in “house rich” areas of the country.

Our accredited investor lists have been compiled by leveraging existing rapport developed over many years in the industry to provide you with the most receptive audience for your investment offerings.  Our accredited investor lists have been carefully selected according to strict criteria and are solely comprised of surveyed prospects with the following criteria:

–    Annual income over the immediate past two years in excess of $200K (or a two year combined income of $300K)
–    $1 Million+ net worth
–    Proven personal portfolio management experience

In addition to the above financial criteria for accredited investors, we go beyond that by offering additional options such as geographic location, which is an important factor when targeting investors in particular areas.  Gender, income, ethnicity and other types of criteria can be specified which may be important when trying to  find the right investor for your particular offering.  The more breakdown criteria you use, the better will be the chances of presenting your offering to just the right type of investor group.
Our list of accredited investors is compiled of qualified individuals, as well as companies and financial institutions such as banks, employee benefit plans, small business investment companies, charitable organizations, corporations and partnerships among others with a predefined net worth. Individual investors are sophisticated investors who are well versed in market conditions and industry trends.


The use of the new laws under Regulation D 506c allows you to raise unlimited capital from accredited investors without being registered with the SEC.  This will allow you the opportunity to put together an offering and quickly start raising funds before the market becomes saturated with companies who offer  the same investment opportunity.


Purchasing an SEC accredited investor lead list will boost your ability to raise funds from individuals who belong to an elite group that are classified as able to invest in anything they find interesting and potentially profitable. These individuals are knowledgeable regarding financial risks and are financially secure, which enables them to withstand the loss if an investment fails to produce the desired results.  These individual accredited investors are rewarded by the SEC by allowing them to invest in private offerings that are unavailable to the general public, for example Regulation D Rule 506 offerings that are exclusive to SEC accredited investors. For more information or to receive your first 50 leads free, call us or fill or the form to the right and one of our consultants will contact you to make sure we get the right leads for your project.

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