Our Products

We provide our clients with various types of investor lists including active and prospective investors. A large majority of our investors are accredited ($1,000,000+ net worth) and are actively seeking and / or reviewing potential investment projects. We provide our clients with a variety of different prospects depending on the client’s requirements.

Proven Investors

Our proven investor lists are Investors who have recently participated in a private placement within the past 12 months in various investment categories including Oil and Gas, Commodities, Real Estate and Telecommunications among others. These are active, accredited investors who are always on the lookout for the right capital investment project.

Investor Fronts

These fronts are potential investors who have been qualified as accredited and have recently requested a business prospectus on one or more investment opportunities. These qualified fronts are usually investors who are liquid and ready to invest in the right opportunity.

Survey Leads

The future of Sales Leads! Survey Leads are prospective investors who took part in a custom telephone survey . These survey respondents are individuals who have been pre-qualified as accredited investors and who are currently liquid. Infofox’s full-service and fully automated phone room generates these high quality Survey Leads on a daily basis. Our clients have the option of purchasing these names within 24 hours of their creation!

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