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InfoFox LLC “NEW” 6 Degrees CRM Software

Infofox is introducing our “6 Degrees Software” a full service CRM System and call center, which you can rent dialers’ that will pitch any script you provide. Now, you may have tried other CRM’s (Customer Relationship Management Systems) that might satisfy the general needs of your company,  however, 6 Degrees Software has been designed by INFOFOX, which has over 20 years in the money raising business. We also employ Data Retention Specialists that have 15 years in the Bio-Medical field.  In turn you have a system that will integrate everything you need in your day-to-day business while stressing highly detailed organizational techniques derived from the medical industry.

In addition to being a fully functional “FRONT thru CLOSE” virtual office, this product is a must for anyone doing a 506c… “Let us do the dialing for you.”  6 Degrees can offer you Seasoned Professional Dialers that will perform any script you provide.   Everyone would like to have a larger PR department, but, due to financial or even physical space constraints, your company has not been able to grow.  6 Degrees is an affordable way to increase company productivity while maintaining the capability to supervise and correspond with your dialers thus letting your closers do what they do best…CLOSE!

The 6 Degree Software has many different customizable features.  Some of which might not even apply to your company.  This system can be of great benefit from a 3 person office all the way to 103 person office. The following scenario utilizes the majority of the potential of the 6 Degree Software.

Optimal Scenario:
Your company’s administrative person uploads leads into 6 Degree Software (You can use leads from any source as long as they are in an excel format).  The software will decipher if you previously purchased any of your new leads.  Thus, not importing them into the system.  No one wants to pay for repeat names or have workers calling your existing client base.

The administrative person then electronically distributes the leads to your in house fronters /openers.  If your company leases the  6 Degrees Dialer Package (10 dialers fronting on the script and qualifying questions you provide) they can be distributed there as well.

Once a Front or PR is created, the system notifies your administrative person to send out the PR which can be a customized email package (soft send) or traditional “book” (hard send). Specifics can be captured as well i.e. shipping info FedEx Tracking etc. Calendars can then be set to trigger so you know when to do the follow up call on the package

Your administrative person assigns all the Fronts/ PRs to the desired closer.

The closer can get more in depth with the prospect and record his or her specifics i.e.  Wife’s name, occupation, whether not they have an IRA etc.

Once the prospect is closed you can attach any documentation created .i.e. Subscription Documents, Tax forms, Proof of Accreditation, even a recording of the original Front/PR call if desired.

This is a generic workflow used by most companies.  6 Degrees gives one the ability to customize the software specifically to the needs of your company, while giving you access to several reports to audit employee productivity and ensuring all your company standards are met. The 6 Degrees Software is a fully functional “FRONT thru CLOSE” virtual office that gives you the ability to track the effectiveness of a particular lead source, distribute leads to fronters, manage closer performance and maintain all the clients documentation in one secure location. 6 Degrees Software with all these in depth features and the ability to build custom upgrades, offer a feature that is completely unique to our product.

Companies registered as a 506c… we offer you- The 6 Degrees “Dialer Package”. As we all know sales is a numbers game.  The more you have in your pipeline the better chance you have at converting that into dollars. Everyone would like to have a larger PR department. The 6 Degrees “Dialer Package” is an affordable way of accomplishing this goal. 6 Degrees can offer you Seasoned Professional Dialers that will perform any script you provide. The Software enables users to monitor all conversations.  You can monitor live and critique calls on the fly or listen to recorded versions to verify all the proper information was captured.  You can also perform Conference Call Sales Meetings ensuring that the Dialers are performing your script up to your company’s standards.

Call Center Stats

Every floor manager is concerned with the production of his or her sales room,  “GET ON THE PHONE PEOPLE!”   Well the 6 Degrees “Dialer Package” also gives you full report visibility of your dialer’s production.  There are several customizable reports i.e. Calls By Extension, Total Calls, Total Talk Time, Average talk time per Extension.  This enables you to see who is on the phone dialing and speaking with real people.  You can make sure you don’t have someone sitting there just dialing numbers and hanging up or any of the other various scenarios all floor managers have come across in the past.  6 Degrees stresses full accountability thus increasing quality and overall production.

The Six Degrees Software and Dialer Package is the next step to having your company grow. The software emphasizes organization, optimizing existing leads, and maintaining your client’s information from a regulatory stand point. The Dialer Package enables you to quickly train dialers and increase the amount of quality leads created specifically for your company.  All of this is fully supported, customizable to your company, user friendly and affordable.   Feel free to contact InfoFox for a free demonstration of the 6 Degrees Software Package @ 877-958-2022

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